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"A treat of a novel for whodunnit lovers. An evenly paced narrative with a plot that throws curveball after curveball."
          --Readers' Favorite
"Transports readers to 1977 New York."
          --Library Journal

"Sure to be enjoyed by mystery lovers.
          --The Prairies Review
"Brilliant from start to finish."
          --N.N. Light's Book Heaven
"A page-turning mystery jam packed with marvelously written characters."
          --Kim Janine Ligon, author of Polly's List and Landing on Her Feet

Sarah Quinlee needed a change. 


She sublet a tiny Manhattan apartment,

took a new job, and rekindled her passion

for sketching.


But after accidentally stumbling on a murder

victim outside the church next to her workplace,

change proved far riskier than she'd anticipated,

even for the crime-ridden 1970s.


Sarah is quickly pulled into a tangle of

neighborhood secrets involving an enigmatic

homeless woman, a menacing street punk,

a quirky assortment of locals, and coworkers

with a past. Her perceptive sketches of them raise

some serious questions--and some serious danger.


Unable to resist playing sleuth, despite the profound concern of a very attractive police detective, Sarah is soon up against a killer desperate to hide the crime at all costs.






"A rewarding and delightful experience for readers."
--Literary Titan
"A page-turning, thrilling mystery."
--Readers' Favorite

Emma Streyt hated to admit she was bored.

But her newly retired brother puts an end to that

by dropping a stash of old family memorabilia

on her doorstep. Cheered on by her best friend,

Emma enthusiastically dives into these boxes

of antique treasures. But some faded diary pages

convince her that century-old thefts -- and maybe

something worse -- are tied in with their past.


Eager to dig deeper into this mysterious puzzle

by doing some serious research, she settles into a

neglected New York City archive with an eccentric

cast of characters.


But more sinister matters than history soon unfold

there when a fellow researcher is murdered. And

Emma's determination to solve the case makes

her a dead-center target for the killer.