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Now available!!

Sarah Quinlee needed a change. 


She sublet a tiny Manhattan apartment,

took a new job, and rekindled her passion

for sketching.


But after accidentally stumbling on a murder

victim outside the church next to her workplace,

change proved far riskier than she'd anticipated,

even for the crime-ridden 1970s.


Sarah is quickly pulled into a tangle of

neighborhood secrets involving an enigmatic

homeless woman, a menacing street punk,

a quirky assortment of locals, and coworkers

with a past. Her perceptive sketches of them raise

some serious questions--and some serious danger.


Unable to resist playing sleuth, despite the profound concern of a very attractive police detective, Sarah is soon up against a killer desperate to hide the crime at all costs.






COMING IN 2024!!

Research Can Be Murder

 With time on her hands -- empty nest and a job that folded --

Emma begins researching old memorabilia and suddenly

finds herself on a unique journey with new people and places,

some illuminating family history, a renewed sense of purpose

-- and a murder to solve.